Coffee + Mug Gift Set

Forget flowers, skip the scrapbook and get her something she REALLY NEEDS: coffee! Listen, as moms ourselves we know a thing or two about the perfect gift - it smells good, tastes great and most of helps us get sh*t done, damnit!

It's important, though, to not give mom just ANY coffee. You need coffee that is mom-tested, which means when it's inevitably left sitting on the counter for hours it's still going to be enjoyable when it's finally remembered. We specially roast our beans so they don't get bitter or acidic after being forgotten about in the microwave, on the washing machine or in the us, we've heard it all!

So if you're wondering what to get a coffee-loving mom, go ahead and pair the perfect roast and mug together for a hilarious, caffeinated gift she'll actually enjoy.

AVAILABLE ROASTS (ground only):
The Hustle: extra caffeine, light roast
Until Wine...: hazelnut flavored, light roast
#momlife: Brazilian beans, light roast
Embrace the Chaos: Colombian + Brazilian beans, medium roast
Pack Leader: Colombian beans, dark roast
I'm Not Perky: decaffeinated, light roast
Covert Dessert: Italian espresso

Coffee Moms Get Sh*t Done
This Mom is Caffeinated AF
Moms Run on Coffee + Love

We recommend following the brewing instructions of your own coffee machine, but we like to use two rounded scoops per cup of coffee. Our roasts can be brewed hot or cold, and our Covert Dessert espresso is great for specialty brews.

For best results, store your coffee in a dark container that can be sealed airtight. Keeping the coffee at room temperature, away from humidity will ensure it stays as fresh as possible. Ground coffee will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks.

Mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

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